Denise Carter M.Ed. Presents : STAAR Math 911 with Rigor!

What others are saying about Smarty Bunch

Jessica Shalom, Kindergarten teacher - “Great Workshop I can’t wait to use your ideas.”

Sharon Garner, 2nd grade teacher, The Imani School – “Very creative, I love your ideas, very good presentation.”

Vanessa, 4th grade student - “I like the division song the most. It helped me, because the first semester I didn’t know how to divide. Now I do, I can use all the songs I learned when I get to the 5th grade.”

Felecia,4th grade teacher, Aldine ISD – “I will use everything you have recommended. I highly recommend this to all elementary math teachers. Thanks so much. This has been the greatest math workshop I’ve attend so far. I will highly recommend you to my principal for a visit."

Asst. Principal, Spring ISD - “Denise you have excellent ideas I can see why your students do so well. These will skills they will retain for life not just for the state exam.”

2nd grade teacher, The Deborah Brown Community School, Tulsa, Oklahoma - “Your workshop was very unique and very original!”

4th grade teacher, Aldine ISD - “This was my 2nd time attending your workshop awesome information the kids like the songs and so do I.”

Lisa Cannon Math, Skills Specialist , Aldine ISD - “Absolutely! Fantastic job- I will use everything. The little tricks and songs will be so helpful for the students with gaps. Thanks for a job well done!”

3rd grade teacher, Hopkins Academy, Victoria ISD - “This is the best workshop I have been to so far! I will use everything thing I learned at your workshop!"

Parent of 4th grade student Patrick , Elizabeth Waters - "Thank you for being the teacher you are. My son has never “loved” school. His grades are great and he doesn’t mind doing homework "