Denise Carter's Smarty Bunch Products

Teacher manual/workbook and CD- $60

This back to basics manual has all the lyrics to Smarty Bunch songs, it will take teachers from August to May with material, ideas, test taking techniques, games, confidence boosters, classroom management and the Smarty Bunch ideology. The workbook is very practical and easy to use.

CD's- $25

Songs on the CD: Rounding, Multiplying by Zeroes, Division, Geometry Slide, Decimals, Criss Cross Solve, Conversions, Area and Perimeter, Lines and Angles, Elapsed Time, Fractions, Skip Counting, Multiplying 2x2, Numberline, Operations, Shapes, Array, Congruent, Place Value, Smarty Bunch Jump (Smarty Bunch Kids Club Anthem) Results Guaranteed!

Listen to a few samples below.

Project Book- $40

The Smarty Bunch project book has several projects with pictures as seen in workshop presentations. The book has creative original projects created by Denise Carter for students. Teachers will be able to use this book to make Smarty Bunch projects with their class.

Actions cards- $25

Smarty Bunch Action cards have vocabulary words and definitions on card stock made for students to match in a game or practice in a small group setting. Smarty Bunch Action cards get students moving and thinking.

Song strips – $30

Smarty Bunch Song strips reinforce skills and Smarty Bunch songs. Students can use these strips to review and practice objectives. The strips have the lyrics to Smarty Bunch songs printed on them, students put them in order thus reviewing math objectives and learning.

Welcome grapes- $15

The welcome grapes poster can be written on and wiped down year after year. The welcome grapes make your students feel welcome. Your students see themselves as Smarty Bunch Kids.

Affirmation Apple - $15

This beautiful apple poster with a list of affirmations and starter strips with affirmations written on them go around the apple. The Affirmation Apple is used as a focal point in your classroom for students to see positive sayings. The Affirmation Apple allows students to see you live by the words you say and they can too.

Posters- $8

These original posters will help and follow along with Smarty Bunch songs and ideas. These posters reinforce skills being taught while building more confidence.

The following posters are available:
Test Poster, Smarty Bunch Signals, Criss Cross Solve, Angle Pie, Recipe for Success, Welcome Grapes, conversion chart, place value chart, toss mat.

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